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Claw Man

The function of cast claw angle and track The function of claw track prediction


[中文简介] [日本語の紹介] [한국어 소개] [हिन्दी विवरण]

The claw machine, also known as the claw crane or the toy crane, is a type of arcade game where visitors insert coins to try to grab prizes or stuffed animals using a claw. Because the value of the prizes is usually much higher than the cost to play, many people are attracted to the game. If the claw fails to grab the prize, it will often drop the prize back into the machine from a high point. Skilled players can sometimes win prizes with only a small amount of coins. This website can be used both as an electronic game and as a way to practice claw machine skills.

The claw machine video games of claw simulation, skill training & tests, and claw contest for world ranking. This browser game has lots of cute prizes wait game players to use claw swing skills to pull them out. Play this online video games for fun, train your claw skills, beat the claw machine and win the prizes. The practical tips for winning prizes and the techniques for beating arcade claw machine are also provided.

The screenshot displays various types of prizes arranged in a presentable manner.

Game players can add and place various types of prizes into the claw machine. The size and position of the prizes can be configured by mouse clicking & dragging.

In this claw machine simulation game, you can master the art of swinging the claw, become familiar with various swing frequencies, and practice while enjoying this browser video game. You can gain experience points and level up from playing each video game here.

There are key tips to winning prizes from arcade claw machines, as well as special techniques for beating them. You can practice and sharpen your skills by playing the game in Claw Machine Simulation and Claw Machine Trainer. There, you can find valuable and useful tools to assist you in learning the skills to beat the claw machine.

Play the free online claw machine simulation video games here, then beat the real one and grab the prizes home !

There are 4 types of claw machine video games to the website:

The Claw Machine Trainer offers basic training game on how to play and win the claw machine, including claw swing skills. There are analysis tools available to help you learn claw swing techniques much faster. If you're having trouble reaching at least the 15th level in the Claw Machine Test game, come back to the Claw Machine Trainer and learn the basic techniques here.

The Target of Claw Game

Have Fun With the Game

You can gain the experience points and level up from playing all the video games here. In the game of Claw Machine Simulation, with the high user level, you can open the contron panel and use all the enjoyable tools there. You can decide the size & the type of the prizes. You can also stack, place, and arrange all kinds of prizes by yourself.

The game of World Claw Contest is an Olympic Claw Game. Attend the World Olympic Claw Game to challenge players from around the world under fair rules and conditions, and earn your world claw skill ranking.

There is a playground for the kids: "The Gifts From Heaven". It's a world without competition, but instead full of helping, sharing, and happiness. And when playing Claw Machine Trainer Simulation game, there is a switch, "Top Release", locates in "Control Panel" - "Option2". If your kids just wanna have fun with the claw machine game, enjoy pull out all kinds of cute prizes effortless, then turn it off.

The Further Challenge

The gameplay of the Operation Level Test game has two key points:

The screenshot of Operation Level Test of claw machine simulation game in Claw Man.

To help players convert their claw operating habits, the game offers Normal, Advanced, and Master modes. As for the claw swing frequency, you may wonder: "What to do if the actual frequency does not match the typical ones here?".

The answer is that if a player can reach level 15 for a typical swing frequency, he must be able to fine-tune the timing of the claw release to achieve a result similar to the typical frequency.

For those who just want to have fun with the claw machine video games, playing the Normal mode with a frequency of F0.5 is good enough to enjoy it. The video games in World Claw Contest are using this configuration.

For those who want to beat the claw machine and win prizes, it's recommended to try all the game modes. By doing so, players can gradually shift their focus from relying on their eyes and hands to developing a sense of body control for the claw machine. As they achieve a certain level in Normal mode, the next mode will be unlocked. Once they can play the Master level and reach level 15, they will notice that they are no longer solely relying on visual cues to operate the claw. Instead, they will rely on their sense of touch and body awareness to make precise claw control.

Register a User ID

This is for recording player level and experience, and email and name are not required. It takes about 30 secs to complete the registration.

The User Status

Clawman claw machine user status windows about level and experience points

Every time a player starts to play a claw machine game, or attend Claw Machine Trainer, or Operation Level Test, or World Claw Contest, they will receive some experience points. These experience points will increase the player's user level. When the level is high enough, corresponding analysis tools can be activated to help players learn exquisite claw machine techniques more easily.

Why You Need a User ID

You will need an User ID to save the experience points and the user level, in order to use those advanced analysis tools.

Remember the first two screenshots at the begining of this web page? They have opened up key analytical tools with a high user level. The first image shows the timing and angle of the claw release, as well as the entire trajectory of the claw movement, making it easier to adjust the timing of pressing button. The second image shows the predicted trajectory of the claw movement, so you can basically know the result before the claw is released.

Additionally, this game can run at a normal 60 FPS, which means the tool shows a trajectory point every 0.0167 seconds. However, the average human reaction time from eyes to hand is about 0.200-0.300 seconds. Therefore, you must learn to operate the claw through body sensations in order to break the limit of 0.200 seconds for the average person, and then apply it to the timing of pressing button to release and close the claw.

If you want to confirm the swing motion status, release and close timing of the claw, click on the FPS button other than 60 in "Main" of control panel.

So, register a user id to access those analysis tools and make the game more enjoyable and meaningful. Without those it is difficult for you to perceive what happened in that interval beyond human reaction time. Therefore, it will be very difficult to make the necessary adjustments to respond to the situations.

The more precise and accurate the timing of pressing the button, the more likely seemingly impossible results can be achieved. This world has never had success by chance !

User Control

Arcade claw machine uses a joystick, so this claw machine simulation video game works best with a joystick, or a gamepad. Use them if you have one.

For people using a PC, a keyboard and a mouse also work well. Most people carry a smart phone with them, if you can touch the screen, then the touch screen control will be triggered automatically. The touch screen control works well, but can be a challenge for a novice user.

Touch Screen:

Touch control diagram


Gamepad (USB/BT):


For more detailed information and introduction videos about how to play, check out How To Play.

The Tips To Beat Claw Machine

If you are new to the world of claw machines and want to learn tips on how to beat them, check out How To Win Claw Machine.

If you have been playing claw machines for a while and want to learn advanced swing techniques, such as "Swing Claw" & "Swing Punch", check out The Special Techniques.

Claw Man Introduction

[中文简介] [日本語の紹介] [한국어 소개] [हिन्दी विवरण]

The best online claw machine game !

Claw Man